for Okaloosa Schools.

Because Our Children Deserve Better.

Why Appoint A School Superintendent?


    • The prerequisite to run as an elected superintendent in FL requires NO experience in education. The only requirement is “that the person must not be convicted of a felony or be adjudicated mentally incompetent and must live in the school district they wish to represent.”

    • An Appointed Superintendent can be held more accountable. An appointed superintendent is able to focus exclusively on the day-to-day tasks of managing the school district and working on strategic initiatives with the elected School Board.

    • Right now, voters only get to make one brief input one time every four years into who leads the school district. If we appoint the Superintendent, every voter can make more in-depth, quality inputs directly to School Board members regarding the Superintendent selection and retention, and they can do so regularly, not just once every four years.

    • Only 29% of registered voters in Okaloosa County voted in the 2016 election for Superintendent of Schools. That meant only a small fraction of citizens in Okaloosa County had any input on who the new Superintendent would be.

    • When choosing a new principal or sports coach in Okaloosa County, there is an interview process with input from administrators, teachers, and parents to choose the best candidate. Shouldn’t we be doing the same thing to find the best individual to lead the school system for our children’s education?