for Okaloosa Schools.

Because Our Children Deserve Better.

The recent scandals in the Okaloosa County School District have shined the light on a glaring weakness in our School District.


An Elected Superintendent of Schools who fails to perform his/her duties, fails to report or fails to address issues which endanger our children and cost the taxpayers millions of their tax dollars CANNOT be impeached or recalled by the voters. . No one in Okaloosa County, including the School Board, can do anything to stop an elected Superintendent of Schools. It takes an act by the Governor to do so. 

THE VOTERS OF OKALOOSA COUNTY CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW! We can change the way we select our Superintendents of Schools to dramatically improve transparency, reduce wasteful spending, and IMMEDIATELY – not just every four years – hold accountable those who hold our children’s lives in their hands! We can vote to have an Appointed Superintendent of Schools!

Ready to make a change?
Take a stand today for the future of Okaloosa schools. Let’s take the politics out of our children’s education.

Vote Yes for an Appointed Superintendent for Okaloosa Schools.